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Can I use my EPD Card?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept EPD cards at this time.

Do you accept insurance?

At this time, we are unable to accept insurance of any kind as payment for your glasses.

Prescription Entry / Expiration

When entering your RX into the website, just match exactly what your doctor has written. We will make sure that your glasses match your prescription. Any discrepancies between entry and the actual prescription will default to what has been written by your doctor on the prescription.

Some styles of frames may be limited to certain prescriptions due to the way that the lens is shaped. For example, certain wrapped frames are limited to +/- 4. If you've run into this, don't worry! Give us a call and we may be able to assist you.

Unfortunately due to regulations, we’re unable to fill expired eyeglasses prescriptions.  If your doctor provided an expiration date on your prescription, we will always abide by the doctors orders.  If your doctor did not provide an expiration date, we will adhere to the optical rules of the state where your prescription was written to determine if we’re able to fill it. If we have made glasses for you before, we can use your existing prescription providing it is not expired.

Lens Printing/Engraving

Some manufacturers print their name on the lenses (i.e. Ray -Ban). Due to your order being a custom product, we replace the original lenses and put your RX into new lenses. Due to this custom process, we are unable to print anything on the lenses. Rest assured, your Ray-Ban glasses are authentic!

Segment Height

Segment Height (AKA Seg Height or SH) is the distance between the bottom of your lenses to the top line of a bifocal or the beginning of the addition in a progressive. Segment height does not apply to single vision lenses. Segment height is unique to every pair of glasses. If you're unsure of your segment height, we use a standard "-2" segment height which fits most wearers. If you would like a specific segment height, please call us after placing your order.

Sun Lens Color

When ordering RX eyewear online, your order is a custom product. Therefore, we may be unable to exactly match the color lens you see online. During the ordering process, you will select the lens color available for the frames you have chosen. If there is a color that is not available online and you wish to have us look into adding it, please give us a call within 2 business hours of placing your order.

Frame Measurements

Most glasses have a few numbers printed on the inside of the temple arm. These refer to the lens width, bridge width, and temple arm length of your frames. On each product page, the frame measurements are listed as three numbers under MEASUREMENTS. We recommend comparing the measurements of your current glasses to the frame measurements on our website; this will give you an idea for how a pair will fit you.

Are your frames available in multiple widths?

Yes, some are! Many of our frames come in more than one size. When browsing our frames, you can view the available sizes, as well as our size guide. The larger the numbers, the larger the frame.

Supported Browsers

Currently, we support all main stream browsers including Microsoft Edge,
Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox. Unfortunately, we are unable to ensure optimal functionality of certain features (such as Virtual Try On or PD Measurement) in any unsupported browser.

To download a supported browser, use on one of the links below:

Google Chrome -

Microsoft Edge -

Apple Safari -

Mozilla Firefox -

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