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When entering your RX into the website, just match exactly what your doctor has written. We will make sure that your glasses match your prescription. Any discrepancies between entry and the actual prescription will default to what has been written by your doctor on the prescription.

Some styles of frames may be limited to certain prescriptions due to the way that the lens is shaped. For example, certain wrapped frames are limited to +/- 4. If you’ve run into this, don’t worry! Give us a call and we may be able to assist you.

Unfortunately due to regulations, we’re unable to fill expired eyeglasses prescriptions.  If your doctor provided an expiration date on your prescription, we will always abide by the doctors orders.  If your doctor did not provide an expiration date, we will adhere to the optical rules of the state where your prescription was written to determine if we’re able to fill it. If we have made glasses for you before, we can use your existing prescription providing it is not expired.

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